InVerse Poet Talks About “Women of Troy” in Virginia Quarterly Review

The Virginia Quarterly Review published its first piece from poet Susan B. A. Somers-Willett who talks about writing “Women of Troy” for InVerse.

The essay begins: “To celebrate Ford Motor Company’s fiftieth anniversary, Norman Rockwell painted The Street Was Never the Same Again, in which a 1903 Model A Ford belches smoke through a bustling small town, its many residents wearing expressions of surprise and awe at the might of American industry at the turn of the century. The street Rockwell selected as the backdrop for his iconic depiction was Fourth Avenue in Troy, New York—a city whose architectural character was forged by the boom of the meatpacking, textile, and steel industries during the Industrial Revolution.”

To read Susan’s essay click here.

In Verse: Women of Troy from InVerse on Vimeo.