Introductions All Around

Laura Sider Jost Hello there from your newly named Producer of Program Engagement. AIR has charged me with fanning the flames of its maker blaze, made up of more than 700 AIR members, and now, the newest sparks of MQ2.

A member of the Talent Committee described the experience of reading through the 234 MQ2 nominations as “pulling back a veil.” Under that veil we’ve discovered an amazing company of talented producers — many of them jacks-of-all-trades drawing on multiform skills — who are adapting, experimenting, hacking and crafting their way into the future of our media.

To begin, I’ll explore and share with you here the work of some of our 30 finalists, who just wrapped up the fast and furious process of submitting their MQ2 proposals. For a taste of what’s to come, check out these projects pioneered by a few of those 30: Jenny Asarnow; Jacob Brancasi; Nick van der Kolk; and Ben Rubin.

What do you hear?