Nominate to win podcast art + AIR perks on International Podcast Day!

September 25, 2017—AIR’s talented network makes audio that illuminates the beautiful corners of our globe. In honor of International Podcast Day this September 30th, we’re paying it forward to help a special audio project shine even brighter. Enter our inaugural Twitter contest for tailored, professionally designed podcast art by the genius illustrator for radio Cal Tabuena-Frolli!

The Stakes:
Tweet from anywhere in the world anytime on September 30th to nominate a podcast that you think deserves some visual flair from Cal. It could be a lesser-known show that is developing its visual footprint, or it could be a specific episode from an emerging show that hit you right in the feels. Your nomination could give a leg up to makers with a developing visual foundation, which they’ll work with Cal directly to develop. Let’s pay it forward!

When you tweet to nominate a podcast, you’ll also be entered to win a one-year producer membership to AIR for new or renewing AIRsters, and a free subscription to Hindenburg Journalist PRO. The nominated podcast will also receive the membership to AIR and the subscription to Hindenburg. It’s a win-win!

How To Enter:
Your tweet is your raffle ticket. Anytime on September 30th (but not before!), wherever you are in the world, reply to this tweet with:

  1. The @twitterhandle of the podcast you’d like to nominate. If the show in question doesn’t have a Twitter presence, tweet the @handle of the maker(s) and give the complete title so we can find it on the interwebs. Include a link to their website if you can.
  2. If it’s a specific episode, designate it with the appropriate episode number or title. For example, @AIRstreamExchange #19: “Risk-Taking in Your Career”
  3. We know character limits on Twitter are tough, but try to use the tweet to tell us why you nominated that particular show and/or what visual element you’d suggest for it!

@AIRmedia AIR’s @AIRstreamExchange is rich in sound but poor in look! Taught me to be a better producer—it needs a logo!

Conditions to Enter:

  1. You may be professionally affiliated with the show you’re nominating. The spirit of the contest is celebrating podcasting work, regardless of whether you’re a maker or a fan.  
  2. Only one entry per handle nominating. If the same Twitter user nominates multiple shows, we’ll only count your first nomination tweet.
  3. The podcast should still be producing new episodes. Nostalgia runs deep, but this contest is all about applauding and encouraging makers to keep at it!
  4. Reply to the tweet—don’t retweet or quote tweet it! We’ll only consider nominations from the original reply, not the number of quote tweets or retweets the nomination gets.
  5. You must submit the nomination sometime on September 30th to be considered. The fine print: that’s between 12AM LINT (Line Islands Time, UTC+14) and 11:59PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth time, UTC-12).   
  6. We will pick one random winner on Monday, October 2nd and announce the winner on Twitter, after which we’ll follow up with the makers to connect them to Cal Tabuena-Frolli for the design work.
  7. Questions? Email Marketing and Comms Manager Kate Krosschell at

Learn more about AIR and its opportunities for audio makers and podcasters here. Join us!

More on Cal Tabuena-Frolli:
Cal Tabuena-Frolli is an illustrator working exclusively for public radio and independent podcasts. Cal has illustrated for Ear Hustle, Love+Radio, and 91.7 KALW. More of his work can be viewed on his personal site,


More on International Podcast Day:   
International Podcast Day is focused on bringing more visibility to podcasting and promoting the growing digital media worldwide. The day-long event and celebration takes place each year on September 30, with live-streamed events and resources throughout the day, bringing in podcasters from nearly 40 countries. For more information visit