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Welcome to AIR’s McAnally Portal to benefits and services available to all AIR members via our partnership with Fractured Atlas.


This portal to services is dedicated to AIR veteran Kathy McAnally, an award-winning producer based in San Francisco who died in 2006. Kathy was without health insurance when she became ill and did not pursue medical treatment that might have saved or prolonged her life. While the health care industry has changed significantly since Kathy passed, and options are opening with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we recognize that many independent producers – like Kathy – struggle with the trade off between economic security and pursuit of their craft and passion for expression.

Kathy is known to many in public radio as a teacher, mentor, and acclaimed producer whose affiliations included KQED, KCBS, KPFA, California Public Radio, NPR, and the University of California J-School. As a woman, she was a pioneer in reporting on professional and collegiate sports. Kathy embodied the best qualities of an independent journalist — forever curious, a rigorous reporter, and possessing both a generous spirit of camaraderie and a strong-willed determination that underscored her enduring career.


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Details on the range of services follow.

First step: Become an Associate Member
As a member of Fractured Atlas’ Open Arts Network, AIR members are eligible for a free Associate Membership, which brings a range of benefits and services tailored to freelance workers. If you are a member of AIR, email Membership Director Erin Mishkin ( for a link to the online Associate Membership application or visit our password-protectedAIR Interact for more info (note: you’ll use the same login as your AIRdaily username/pw).

As an Associate Member of Fractured Atlas, you have access to the following services:

Through multiple highly rated carriers, Fractured Atlas offers AIRsters access to high-quality coverage at discounted rates. Programs include: annual general liability, radio/tv producers errors and omissions, event liability (a requirement for many artistic events), volunteer accident, workers’ compensation, film production and equipment, public art installations (covering fabrication/installation, as well as providing coverage for the artwork itself), independent theater designers and technicians, teaching artists, craft artists, director’s and officer’s insurance (which can also include employment practices insurance), and filmmaker errors and omissions, among others.

When you join Fractured Atlas, you will be asked to select a username and password for the website. When you are ready to explore Insurance options, login at the Fractured Atlas site using your Associate Membership username and password. Next, click on “Insurance for Artists and Orgs” under the Services menu, and scroll down to “Insurance for Radio and Television Producers.” This will take you to a page where you’ll find the range of insurance options available to you, as well as application forms to get started.

FISCAL SPONSORSHIP (available only to Full Members of Fractured Atlas):
This is a financial and legal system by which a legally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity (such as Fractured Atlas) provides the means for independent artists or groups to apply for grants or receive tax-deductible contributions. Fractured Atlas has the largest arts fiscal sponsorship program in the country. As an AIR member, you receive a free Associate Membership to Fractured Atlas. In order to apply to Fractured Atlas’ fiscal sponsorship program, you must first upgrade to a Full Membership. AIR members receive a discounted rate on Full Memberships. For more information about Fiscal Sponsorship, gohere. To upgrade from Associate to Full Membership, contact us at for details.


Discounts to both businesses and arts organizations are available to members.

AIR’s overseas producers benefit from consultation and supportfor visa applications.

TRACK FANS, RECEIVE DONATIONS, & SELL TICKETS: is an online system to manage your fans, donations and tickets. It’s a simple and intuitive way to keep track of people, events, and your everyday work. Find out more at

The Art Space Solutions Network is an online rental marketplace that helps artists find the space they need and helps venues promote and rent their spaces. Available in Atlanta, Austin, Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC with more cities being added all the time. Find out more HERE.

Fractured U. presents online courses developed by industry professionals that can help with fundraising, marketing, budgeting, developing producing strategies, and other DIY aspects of the media arts and creative industries.





Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit organization that serves a national community of media makers, artists and organizations. Our programs and services facilitate the creation of art and media by offering vital support to the makers who produce it. We help individuals and organizations function more effectively by providing access to funding, health care, education, and more, all in a context that honors their individuality and independent spirit. By nurturing today’s talented but underrepresented voices, we hope to foster a dynamic and diverse cultural landscape of tomorrow.

Fractured Atlas is not an insurance company. If you enroll in a health insurance plan or purchase liability insurance, your premiums will go to the insurance company in question, and they will be responsible for paying your claims. Fractured Atlas is also not a union, nor a producer, agent, manager, etc.

Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is only partially funded through membership fees. Critical additional support is or has been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council for the Arts, local and family foundations, and scores of individual donors from across the country.