HuffPo Gets a Whiff of In Verse

Hooray for Lu Olkowski, the maker of In Verse. Her project was the subject of an article published today in The Huffington Post. The author, Wayne Trujillo, called In Verse “an ambitious alchemy of poetry, photography and sound.” 

The piece profiled photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally, herself an “Upstate Girl,” and featured a poem by Susan B.A. Somers-Willett. Trujillo said Women of Troy was “heartwarming and heart wrenching” and “disturbing and fascinating.”

The article is very good and I’ll even forgive him for this line: “Women of Troy is a series of poems, photographs and reality shows, complete with background noise.” That’s not noise, pal, that’s “ambience!”

The good news is that the story was published today, a day when HuffPo itself made waves in the journo-sphere, following a Los Angeles Times story reporting that Arianna Huffington’s popular news site is on track to make over $12 million. That’s pretty remarkable in a year of media morbidity. So, fingers crossed that the site will see a spike in hits today, meaning more eyes and ears for In Verse.