How to Host a Pubmedia Watch Party

The application process for Localore: Finding America is closed. Meet the winning 15 teams at

Timeline (updated)

On June 1, stations across the United States will be on our Station Runway, pitching for intrepid media makers to embed with them and reinvent public media. Whether you’re planning to apply or not, we’re inviting you to have a watch party and understand public media in a new way.

We do hope many of you apply by the June 26 deadline. Find guidelines and information at

Here are some watch party tips:


1 group of awesome makers

1 meeting place

All of the WiFi

Videos from*

Many snacks


Log on: Find the videos at or

Project: Play on your TV, laptop, or even better, project the videos onto a wall

Carb up: Set out some snacks


*Each group will choose the number of videos they want to watch

Hey, Mr. DJ: Ask each RSVP to pick one station video to watch

The Backporch: Pick the stations that are closest to your location

The Randomizer: Put all the station names in a hat. Pick the number that you want to watch

Dealer’s Choice: Curating Producer Teresa Gorman serves up options for themed lists


Get your awesome makers together in one place on your pre-selected date.


And then try to figure out where you’d start with a project in that community. Bounce ideas off of each other, share tips for pitching and collaborating, and hear each other’s perspectives.


Be social. Share photos and observations from your viewings to @AIRmedia on Twitter and to our Facebook page: We’ll send you AIR stickers if we know you’re hosting a viewing! And don’t forget to apply at by June 26.
Have Questions? Contact Adriana Gallardo at