The Heart is the Medium…Technology is the Tool.

The iSeeChange AlmanacIn the latest AIRblast, KVNF Executive Director Sally Kane reflects on lessons learned from partnering with Localore producer Julia Kumari Drapkin:

iSeeChange has helped us claim the richness of our knowledge; it’s helped us strive for excellence in the quality of our local programming; and it is helping us become much more strategic and creative about how we use digital technology. This work is also helping us change the way we thought of ourselves, and shift us from the internalization of being viewed as under-resourced, underserved, and undervalued to seeing ourselves as keen observers and productive and engaged citizens. In the end iSeeChange has affirmed once again the transformative power of telling our stories. Not just for the teller but for the listener as well.

Read on for more on the challenges and rewards of taking big risks, and visit the iSeeChange Almanac to see the interactive site that Drapkin’s team built to draw Colorado residents into dialogue about environmental shifts.