Getting Out of the Echo Chamber

Just when you may have thought that the future of journalism is boiling down to more and more conferences about the future of journalism, here’s a site that takes it to the next level.  Beyond the Echo Chamber is both a blog and a book by Jessica Clark of American University’s Center for Social Media and Tracy Van Slyke of the Media Consortium. This power-pair are thinkers and do-ers who are trying to change and lead the conversation about building a sustainable ecosystem for independent media in this country. Jessica is also studying the impact of MQ2 projects as part of her ongoing research on public media. Both women have roots at In These Times magazine.

Christopher Hayes, Washington Editor of The Nation magazine, calls the book, “a must-read for media practitioners, consumers and progressives of all stripes.” 

I highly recommend their list of New Years Resolutions for the Media, posted on both Beyond the Echo Chamber and on SavetheNews blog from Free Press. It begins, “If 2009 was a year of study and debate about the future of journalism, then 2010 must be a year of action…”

Among the resolutions that resonate: Share the how-to’s of collaborations; share best practices and models for community engagement; foster deeper working relationships with ethnic media; include more women and diverse voices; create hubs where journalists and technologists can build new solutions together. 

All of this is very much in keeping with what AIR and MQ2 are aiming to accomplish.

The authors invite you to add your own resolutions for independent media in their comments section or on Twitter with the hash tag #JRes2010.