Finding America Story of the Week: The Stories Behind Gun Violence Statistics in Milwaukee

Timberley Brown, 16, on-stage sharing her story at the Precious Lives live event. Photo by Titus WamaiTwo dozen teens and adults from Milwaukee recently joined on a stage for Precious Lives: The Live Event to share how their lives have been affected by gun violence. In front of a sold-out audience, they shared their stories, poems, music, and dances. One of the storytellers, Timberley Brown, said that she hoped the event brought people in Milwaukee together.

“I have a message that I really have to spread,” Brown said “I really need to let these people know that, you’re not by yourself. I need to let these people know that, your story matched my story. So, this is my time to tell it the correct way… Even if you haven’t experienced gun violence, you know that you can help.”

Listen to the whole live show:

Find photos from the event and meet the storytellers.

Milwaukee’s inner city is engulfed in an epidemic of gun violence. Through stories and live events created by and with people touched by this violence, Precious Lives and WUWM examine the roots of the bloodshed in an effort to improve life for everyone in the city.

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