Favorites on the Frontline

“If we all watched FRONTLINE, the world could be a better place. Since 1983, the program, one of the most distinguished in TV history, has been helping its viewers think – not telling them what to think.”

-The Philadelphia Inquirer

FRONTLINE, the long-running CPB-funded public television documentary program just won three (more) Emmy awards. Since its launch in 1983, there have only been four years in which Frontline didn’t win at least one Emmy. Over 28 seasons, Frontline has raked in 44 Emmy awards (and dozens of Dupont-Columbia and Peabody Awards, among others). Just reading down the Awards page on the programs website can be overwhelming. It’s an impressive record of achievement for a PBS series that produces about 18 new shows per season, mostly by independent producers. Here are the latest winners, all “TV Worth Watching.”

Outstanding Investigative Journalism (Long Form): The Warning, about derivatives and the economic collapse on Wall Street. 






Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story (Long Form): A Death in Tehran which tells the story of the pro-democracy movement in Iran through the life and death of activist Neda Soltan.






Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine: Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground which traces the export of discarded computers and cell phones to Africa.





What garners recognition from awards panels and judges may not always be the same as what captures the public’s passion. Frontline just released its top 120 documentaries selected by viewers. The Fan Favorites list was generated on Facebook, twitter, and the Frontline/PBS website. This year’s emmy-winning The Warning made it to the Top Ten among the people’s choice.

So, which are your favorite Frontlines of all time? Which Frontline documentaries still stick in your mind?