Ever at Play

commerceHere come the MQ2 grantees, whose projects launched in April, to tell you what they’re up to!

Last on this blog you got a peek into Lu Olkowski‘s project, In Verse. This time around it’s Kara Oehler, who is taking a thing you’ve heard a lot about–Main Street in America–and making it new, because “…the artist must ever play and experiment with new means of arranging experience.”

That’s a McLuhan quote Kara wields in her feature article in this month’s AIR newsletter. There she muses on the influences she brings to MQ2. What does it mean to let the story idea lead the technology idea? And how can a sports bar be a collaborative framework? Kara explains.

Mapping Main Street, Kara’s MQ2 project with co-producer Ann Heppermann, will challenge our election-season definitions through profiles of real Main Streets near and far. MMS will connect pubradio people and not-pubradio people on an interactive website featuring lots of UGC (user-generated content–if you’re not already used to it, you’d probably better get so).

We’ll be sure to hear more soon from the road. Play on, Kara.