Catch the Zing at Our June 1st Webinar

When Memorial Day is a memory of barbecues, picnics, American flags.

And June opens the screen door to summer:

Bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, fireflies.

Buzz, flutter, chirp… and ZING!


Get your summer season off to a smart start by signing up for the AIR/PRPD Webinar: “Spreading the Zing: A New Vision of Public Media’s Impact.

As public radio producers, stations, and networks move beyond broadcast platforms, many are asking ‘what is the picture of success for public media?’ A groundbreaking new research paper “Spreading the Zing: Re-imagining PublicMedia through Makers Quest 2.0” contends that as we consider the impact of media work, we have an opportunity move beyond traditional measures which place strict emphasis on our most loyal, converged audience. The new paradigm calls for us to put elements such as influence, relevance, and craft along side AQH, cume, or page clicks.

“Zing” authors, Sue Schardt, Executive Director of the Association of Independents in Radio, Inc, and Jessica Clark, Director of the Future of Public Media project at American University’s Center for Social Media will be joined by Kara Oehler and Ann Heppermann of MQ2’s Mapping Main Street for what is sure to be a lively discussion about their ideas in action.

At the recent Free Press Summit at the Newseum, American Public Media’s SVP for Digital Innovation Joaquin Alvarado said, Anyone who wants a quick Ph.D. on what’s really happening in our country should visit…It’s a truly successful public media project.”

Well, we can’t offer doctoral degrees, but we can share some insight at our free Webinar.

It’s happening Tuesday, June 1st from 2 – 3:30 pm E.T.

Here’s the link to your invitiation.

We promise: plenty of provocative ideas and no (more) bad poetry.