Board Appoints Tom Livingston as interim AIR CEO

The Board of Directors of the Association of Independents in Radio has selected the search firm Livingston & Associates to conduct a nationwide search for the next CEO of AIR. Livingston & Associates has been recognized as the preeminent search and staffing firm for leaders in public media for nearly 20 years. They have conducted more than 300 searches for professionals, including over 100 searches for CEO’s, almost exclusively in the public media industry.

Livingston and Associates founder, Tom Livingston, will also serve as AIR’s interim CEO beginning October 1, 2018. Tom has served as interim CEO for several organizations including Pacifica, WKSU, KRCC, WWNO and Capital Public Radio. He is also a longtime and current member of AIR and has been involved in helping shape the strategic vision of the organization throughout our history.

The AIR Board maintains its dedication and commitment to the community it serves – the independent producers and storytellers of this country. The Board looks forward to carrying the great strides this independent community has made and to fulfilling our most important fiduciary obligation, finding the next leader of AIR.