Blog, baby, blog

I blog, therefore I am?

To blog, or not to blog, is that the question?

What’s a blog got to do with it?

It’s been about six months since I started writing for the MQ2 blog – a good point to reflect and revisit the purpose of this page, especially as we plan to invite others (perhaps, you?) to contribute ideas and experiences as guest bloggers.

I’ve done a scan of my 81 previous posts and I’m relieved to report that the MQ2 blog has delivered on its promise of profiling innovative public media work by MQ2 producers and others. Here’s the breakdown by topic area:


Spotlight on fascinating/cool media projects: 26%

MQ2 grantees making waves: 20%

Public media people & developments in the news: 16%

New technologies/New ideas : 12%

Growth opportunities for independent producers: 11%

Personal/professional musings on the evolution of media: 8% 

AIR goings-on: 5%

This isn’t independent analysis, so I invite you to “trust, but verify.”  While others in the news media and blogosphere have been lamenting lately the rudeness of comments posted, I’ve lamented the lack of comments, positive or negative. We’ve had a few here and there, in response to my posts about Audio Slideshows and Collaboration, but mostly, there’s been silence.  

Hello…can anybody hear me? 😉 I think this blog is filling a niche and a need, but is it doing anything for you?

AIR Executive Director Sue Schardt and I have zeroed in on a clear mission statement for this blog and our social media presence. I’m really curious what you think:

Guidelines and Principles

The MQ2 blogger’s primary activities are to craft original posts for the MQ2 blog, AIRMQ2’s fan page on Facebook and AIRMQ2’s twitter account.  MQ2 blog posts will be promoted via AIR and MQ2 FB fan pages. MQ2 blog posts will also promote lead articles from the AIRBlast and other key announcements from AIR.

The MQ2 blogger maintains an expanding list of RSS feeds of kindred spirit blogs about media, technology, art, journalism, collaboration, and innovation. His/her job is to track posts on those blogs searching for opportunities to post comments that will amplify AIR’s voice in the blogosphere, raise awareness about AIR and independent media makers, and track back to

The MQ2 blogger has an independent voice, and when writing under the MQ2 “banner” and via outside posts, is a representative of AIR and its members. In this capacity s/he is guided by the principles laid out in this document.

Mission/Purpose of the MQ2 blog is to:

1.    Boost AIR’s online presence with regular fresh content that projects a distinct voice and emerges as a must-read blog for AIR members and others interested in public media invention.

2.    Spotlight and track people, projects, and events (re)shaping the industry.

3.    Tell about and link to:
•    Groundbreaking, astonishing, inspiring ideas/work and the producers behind it
•    Public media independents who are excelling, innovating
•    Re-invention of journalism: innovative uses of technology for storytelling, collaborative media projects, trans-platform culture and craft

4.    Promote AIR and its members; help to grow, diversify and expand the organization.

5.    Build and engage a community of like-minded colleagues and media practitioners from a broad range of disciplines.

6.    Serve the independent producing community by pointing out opportunities for training, funding, collaboration, inspiration and growth.

7.    Challenge conventional thinking by showing new approaches and ideas.


  • Questions trump answers. Posts should not seek to reach conclusions as much as to pose provocative questions, engage others, and draw out new perspectives and understanding
  • Light trumps heat. The goal is to share insight and spotlight those who are “shining,” rather than step into the center of, or stoke controversy.
  • AIR is not a journalistic organization itself, but has journalists in its ranks.
  • AIR plays a critical role in fueling and encouraging invention at journalistic institutions, including the public media networks, stations and independent shops.
  • AIR is a connector – a pipeline between producers and institutions in transition

If you are just discovering this blog, I invite to to scroll back through the archive.  Get to know and dive deeper into the issues and opportunities facing public media and the producers who make it happen.

I look forward to your comments.