The Bigger Picture

If you want to find some incisive analysis of the issues facing public media, I suggest you read Jessica Clark’s latest blog post (and practically everything else she writes, too.) Jessica is a journalist and academic who seems to always be where the action is, listening carefully to all of the conversations at conferences and online, gleaning the lessons and posing tough questions about the future of public media. She’s able to cut through a lot of noise. And she gives good Twitter tweets along the way. 

In her latest PBS MediaShift blog, she responds to GravityMedium Blogger John Proffitt’s call for public stations to do jujitsu, working with the forces of technological and social change instead of against them. She writes, “But while single stations and independent producers may at times be able to act with such martial agility, the system as a whole can barely make it onto the mat. The problem is an increasingly urgent mismatch between current infrastructure investments, and those needed to keep pace with the volatile digital media ecosystem. While federal dollars are, in large part, mandated to support existing station operations, little money is available for multimedia content creation, innovation in rising areas like mobile apps, or engagement tools for new platforms. There is a critical infrastructure gap.”

That sounds like a call for greater investment in projects like MQ2, initiatives that support the talent that is developing innovative cross-platform content. Hear here!