Al Gore Reinvents Reading (Sort of)

Push Pop Press, a startup mobile publishing platform, recently made a splash with the release of their first e-book App.  Big whoop, you say?  Well, it sort of is.

Turns out the book they created is an e-book version of Al Gore’s Our Choice, the former Vice President’s follow-up to the game-changing (and controversial) call-to-action via An Inconvenient Truth.

Al Gore’s Our Choice from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

Now, for those of you who might roll your eyes and mutter, “I’ll wait for the movie,” here’s the thing—basically, this book is the movie.  It talks, spins, folds, features great cinematography, eye-catching stills, and more, all while sucking the user into a visual and aural experience that transforms the act of reading into something else. This is not a text that just lays there on your Kindle.  Even if you’ve read Our Choice in traditional book form, this app is a very different experience.