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  • John Biewen
    Posted by John Biewen

    Hey everybody,

    It’s that time. Since 2003, hundreds of people (including dozen on this list, at least) have come to CDS in the summer to get a jump-start — or to stretch — as an audio producer. Is it your turn? You come to Durham for about a week of great food, rocking chairs on the porch, and morning-tip-night immersion radio-making.

    Here’s the skinny:

    Hearing is Believing, July 9-15, for beginners (really: NO experience required) or those relatively new to the craft and wanting a solid grounding in the fundamentals — recording, shaping and scripting, mixing on Hindenburg. You make a piece during the week with a partner.

    Making It Sing, July 31-August 5, for more experienced producers with a challenging project to bring and work on with lots of individual and small-group attention. (At least three of last year’s participants workshopped pieces preliminary to launching new shows: Barry Lam of Hi-Phi Nation, Stacia Brown of Hope Chest, and Sam Sabin of Good Grief.)

    Between those two on the calendar, our friends at Big Shed are again offering Digging In: An Artist’s Retreat, July 23-29, which brings together documentary makers and storytellers of all stripes (and all mediums) for a productive and rejuvenating week of digging deep and making meaningful progress on individual projects.

    AIR is offering members a $100 travel stipend to attend our advanced course, Making it Sing. Five stipends are available, a couple are taken. To apply for the AIR stipend go here:

    AIRster Shea Shackelford returns as a co-teacher for all of the above courses, and this year Loretta Williams, veteran editor for NPR and many other places, will be our guest editor/teacher for Making it Sing.

    For more info or to register:

    Any questions, please write to or to me off-list.

    All best,

    John Biewen
    Posted by John Biewen

    Ha. Meant to type dozens, plural — a bunch of dozens, I’m guessing.

    Emily Shaw
    Posted by Emily Shaw

    Highly recommended! And hands down the best value around. Run, don’t walk.

    Hillary Rea
    Posted by Hillary Rea

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to jump into this conversation and say that I just returned from CDS’ “Making it Sing” audio intensive and it was an excellent experience. I’ve only been making audio for a little over a year now and I’ve been a quiet AIR member for that same amount of time. I’m amazed at how much I learned — both in my audio story-making technical skills and in my and audio story-making process. And the fact that I did all that I did in just one week was beyond what I could have hoped for. John Biewen, Audrey Quinn, and Loretta Williams spent so much time with each of individually and provided the perfect combination of support and constructive feedback. It was also a great group of participants, and I am sure others will ring in with their thoughts and experiences as well. Anyways, just wanted to share. For those thinking way ahead, block out your schedule for the 2018 audio intensives at CDS. Well worth it, plus Durham is pretty great.


    Robin Miniter
    Posted by Robin Miniter

    Hey all!

    Going to take this opportunity to piggyback on John and Hillary’s posts here—I also had the opportunity/great fortune/luxury of spending time with some brilliant radio folk at the Center for Documentary Studies ‘Making it Sing’ institute. Having first cut my teeth on audio last summer, the whole CDS outfit is quickly becoming one of my annual highlights.

    With a fairly small classroom size with small-group time built in, there was ample opportunity for discussion and feedback amongst our cohort. No quandary was left unanswered, whether during a lecture or one-on-one time with John, Loretta, or Audrey. The end of each day—full of lectures, workshop time, special presentations—left me feeling inspired. I truly appreciated the lengths to which the staff (shout out here to Marc, April, and Noah) went to make all run smoothly and extend their hospitality. And you’re not going to find a better lunch on any porch in Durham, I can just about promise.

    It was very telling at check-in when the faces started appear and started to recognize each other from institutes past. The community cultivated at CDS is a special one. I’m with Hillary when I also encourage you to block out some time next summer—I, for one, can’t wait to be back.


    Posted by Jeff Rice

    Thank you for contacting me. I will be out of the office and away from email from 8/14/17 – 8/21/17. I will reply to messages as soon as possible when I return.

    Yuko Kodama
    Posted by Yuko Kodama

    I’m away from the office through Wednesday, August 23rd and will check emails infrequently during this period. My apologies in advance for delayed responses.


    Yuko Kodama

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