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    Pitch the Pulse
    Here’s our newest call for story ideas, email Managing Editor, Taunya English if you have a feature idea:

    A Special from The Pulse at WHYY
    Separate: Black in America
    For most of their time in America, black people have largely lived, worked, played and worshiped separately from the majority culture. Sometimes good, sometimes bad … we document and explore the reverberations of “being separate” on health, medicine and science.

    Pitch us your idea, or be in touch to chat about these two specific stories, still looking for the right journalist to report them out:

    — Black and wealthy. Many older African Americans have great memories of all-black neighborhoods where they grew up surrounded by role models who were educated and well-to-do. The assignment: A sonic history feature highlighting one of these neighborhoods.

    — Black clinicians, black hospitals. Is there a health advantage?
    For decades the majority of America’s black health professionals were educated at historically black institutions … Morehouse in Atlanta, Tuskegee’s nursing school. Did those networks of black alumni open doors that would otherwise stay closed. Did that education result in better-than-average health outcomes for black patients?

    The first-draft deadline for the “Separate” episode is January 26th.

    About The Pulse
    We’re a health-science show, and more than anything we’re looking for storytelling approaches, audio narratives that are unexpected for public radio.

    Any pitch for The Pulse should include your beginning ideas on the scenes and audio elements that will make the piece a sound-rich radio story. Where will you take the listeners? To a physical location? On a sound-designed journey?

    Consider checking out our show and past stories, before you send your idea:

    We often re-purpose stories that have aired locally or via a podcast, we’re less likely to use a story that has already aired nationally.

    For freelancers working with us for the first time, we typically assign stories that are 3 to 7 minutes long.

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