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  • Maureen McMurray
    Posted by Maureen McMurray

    I’m gathering some intel, and would love your responses to some, or all, of the following questions. Feel free to post below, or email me directly
    Current and former interns, weigh-in!

    – Does your organization have a paid-internship program?
    – What is the pay scale/stipend?
    – Do you cover commuting expenses?
    – Do you have a formal internship program? If so, what does it entail? (On-boarding process, training, professional development, other perks)
    Thanks in advance!

    Tanya Ott
    Posted by Tanya Ott

    Hi Maureen,

    My “station” (we’re actually 18 stations) – Georgia Public Broadcasting —
    generally offers unpaid internships, although I will say that we have
    experimented with a “fellowship” model where we paid our top intern $20,000
    for a year’s work. I believe strongly in paid internships, but just
    haven’t been able to push the organization to go there budgetarily.

    Our internship experience is fairly formal. We on-board interns with
    one-on-one and group training sessions on identifying good stories,
    interview techniques, broadcast and web writing and production. The
    interns on our daily talk show spend a lot of time in the field gathering
    VOX and often research and book segments. Our newsroom interns are
    trained from the get go on how to report, write, and produce spot news
    stories and they end up feeding a lot of content in Morning Edition and

    Our goal is to have each news intern produce at least one long-form feature
    by the time they leave us. Most reach that goal. Some exceed it in ways
    we could never imagine. I have to brag for a brief moment on our Fall ATC
    intern Maura Currie. Her first time in the field was to cover a candlelight
    vigil for an Georgia Tech student who was shot and killed by campus
    police. After the vigil she found herself swept up in the middle of a
    protest that turned violent. You can hear her live report here:
    Watch out – she’s going places!

    One of the places standout interns like Maura go is into part-time or
    full-time positions at GPB. We work in a very rich media market (CNN, TBS,
    Adult Swim, etc are just down the road and there’s another public radio
    station in the market) so there’s a fair amount turnover in our producer
    ranks. We often hire talented interns to work part-time on a temporary
    basis while we do full recruitments. The going rate for that work is
    $20/hour for 29 hours a week.

    We currently have two three full-time producers who started as unpaid
    interns, moved into these part-time positions, then transitioned into
    full-time roles.

    Hope this helps… happy to answer any questions you might have.


    Tanya Ott

    Twitter: @tanyaott1

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