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  • Benjamin Abrams
    Posted by Benjamin Abrams

    Hi all,

    I wanted to know if any of you are familiar with the Podcast Movement conference? I’m from Philadelphia, and PM is coming to town July 2018.
    If any of you are familiar with the conference, I was wondering if you’d recommend it to an aspiring podcaster and public broadcaster like myself? What kinds of opportunities does PM offer? Should college students attend and would they get a lot out of it?

    It seems very cool, I’m only asking because there’s a steep registration price.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas Eve for those who observe and celebrate!

    Brantley Hightower
    Posted by Brantley Hightower

    Hey, Benjamin.

    I attended this conference in 2015 when it was in Fort Worth: I think it was the second conference and they were still figuring out what kind of a conference it was going to be. Attendees and presenters seemed to fall into two distinct camps: those interested in using the podcast medium as a way of building a personal brand and leveraging it for profit, and those interested in podcasting as a storytelling medium. A telling moment came during Sarah Koenig’s keynote. This was just a few months after the first season of “Serial” had ended and at some point she asked how many people in the audience had listened to season one. Only about half the audience raised their hand.

    On the one hand I did learn things and it was great to hear people like Sarah speak about their work. On the other hand there were several presentations that weren’t remotely applicable and the registration fee was high. It might be worth hearing from more recent attendees (to see what direction the conference has moved in) and seeing what kind of speakers are invited this year.

    I hope that helps-

    Susan Valot
    Posted by Susan Valot

    I went to Podcast Movement for the first time this year, since it was being held in my area. I thought it was interesting, but I think if you want to go into public broadcasting, Third Coast is the better bet.

    I did learn more about how people are trying to make money on podcasts and what areas of podcasting are pretty new. For instance, there’s a lot of opportunity to explore hyper-local podcasts for local markets. I also learned how to make a podcast more searchable on iTunes. I remember they had one session on how to record a phone call, which included lots of basics that I already knew with 20 years in public radio under my belt.

    I think it depends what you want to learn. Third Coast seems more about the craft of audio and has many more opportunities to network with public media folks. Podcast Movement is sort of a smorgasbord of everyone, from journalists to Joe Schmo podcasters, so a good opportunity to look at what’s out there and start thinking of it from the business side. It would definitely be worthwhile if you’re at the point where you’re launching or just launched your first podcast.

    I did meet fellow AIRster Candice Ludlow at Podcast Movement, so perhaps she could weigh in, as well. She was the AIR ambassador for the conference and I believe she also posted here with a recap of what she learned, which might be helpful for you.

    Jack Rhysider
    Posted by Jack Rhysider

    Hey just as a FYI, the previous podcast movement talks were recorded and are available on the podcast titled Podcast Movement: Sessions. So this should give you a good taste of what you’re going to hear during the sessions.

    I go to conferences to network with other podcasters and Podcast Movement is full of other podcasters. So you can meet some pretty influential people that can help shape your podcast/career.

    If you’re already in Philly, and you’re a podcaster/broadcaster, this is a must for you!

    Ngoc-Tran Vu
    Posted by Ngoc-Tran Vu

    Hi Benjamin,

    I know Podcast Movement have some volunteer opportunities too so worth checking with them and you could get your registration fee waived in exchange for helping out.

    AIR’s Program Director

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