Posted by Lu Olkowski

I just listened to the AIRpod and thought Curtis did a great job of being rather tough on Jake. I was glad to hear Jake be as open as he always is – and that he is soliciting feedback from us.

So, Jake has asked for feedback, Curtis has asked and I haven’t seen any feedback hitting the AIRwaves yet – maybe we’re all on summer vacation?

If those of us who are here can tear ourselves away from the ‘annual software debate,’ why don’t you go listen to the AIRpod and/or send some feedback to the list – what’s working? – what’s not? – why you are a member? why didn’t you bother becoming a member? – a suggestion for improvement.

As an aside, I believe AIR selects a regular (monthly?) submission to be on PRX’s front page, but I’ve been out of the loop – how does that process work? I’ve seen a ‘what do you want to nominate’ call go out, but not sure how it works beyond that.

And Curtis, thanks for doing the AIRpod. You’ve been busy asking us what we’re working on? What are you working on?