Celebrating 30 years of AIR: Join us at the table!

December 10, 2018—We’re celebrating 30 years of AIR by inviting more storymakers to the table—30 to be exact. So current AIRsters, let’s widen our community! Nominate someone by December 21, 2018, and they’ll be entered into the running for a free year of membership.

While we’re opening up more space in the network, we want to honor you, our current members, for the work that you do and the contributions that you make. As a token of thanks to you: Extend your time with AIR using the code THANKS30 (for 30 years, of course) to receive a 30% discount on either a one-year renewal or a two-year renewal. Take advantage of this promotion by the start of 2019.

By 2019, we’ll welcome 30 new members to the network. We’re looking for producers, journalists, and multimedia makers who might not have the resources to join on their own, but would benefit most from becoming an AIRster.

After decades of establishing connections, promoting resources, and fostering an environment where indies do their best work, AIR’s membership has grown from six founding producers around a table in New York to 1,300 members spanning almost 50 states and 30 countries. As we close 2018 and enter 2019, we’re thinking now more than ever about how to move forward, what initiatives to kickstart, and which voices to amplify.

So, do you know someone who would carry the badge of #AIRster proudly? Read the rules below and submit their name!


  • You must be a current AIR member to make a nomination.
  • Submit your nomination using this short form.
  • The deadline to submit is Friday, December 21, 2018 at midnight ET.
  • The nominee must be someone who has either never had an AIR membership before, or who has been an AIRster but is now a lapsed member.
  • AIR staff will make final considerations on the 30 selected nominees.


  • Interested in some mystery AIR swag? Reply to this tweet and tag your nominee. We’ll send you an AIR care package.