AIR in Real Time

September 11, 2017—AIRsters are abuzz with activity 24/7, producing work that ranges from enthralling radio fiction to deeply-rooted community stories. This flow of creative energy is the lifeblood of the AIRdaily forum, where producers in our network gather to collaborate and converse. We’re celebrating this bounty of innovative work by inviting our producers to post using #AIRsters on social media. The result? AIR in Real Time: A live feed that collects and highlights creative sparks from across the AIR network.

To celebrate the rush of projects that have been shared, we’re launching a new series that will spotlight AIRsters and their courageous storytelling. This week’s highlighted projects dive into oceanic history and culture, nerd out about film, and much more.

Join us on this exploration of what AIR makers are up to and contribute your own work with the hashtag #AIRsters on social media. You could be featured in an upcoming spotlight!

The Briny, Matt Frassica
The Briny is a monthly podcast of sound-rich stories that connect, in some way, with the ocean. The first episode looks at rebounding whale populations through the lens of marine biology, but future episodes will include love stories, fish tales, cultural histories, and other kinds of stories.

Of course, starting a podcast comes with loads of technical questions, and the AIRdaily forum archives have been invaluable in answering the ones I would have felt too embarrassed to ask out loud: What announce mic should I get? Which podcast hosting service should I choose? How do I tweet about my work without looking like a jerk? It’s helped sustain me through the lonesomeness of working from home.”

Random Waves, Christopher Hall
“Random Waves is a podcast about unexpected human interactions—those ‘random waves’ that affect us person-to-person. When I started the show over a year ago, I felt really on my own. I was coming into audio from aerospace engineering, and I knew of almost no other podcasting going on in Connecticut. All I had was my love of storytelling and to guide me. It was very lonely from a producer’s perspective. I really love to stay connected with the community through the AIRdaily, and I’ve only barely scratched the surface of all the resources and training provided on the AIR website, so I’m excited about that, too.”

Selects, Ben Kuebrich
Selects is the show for people looking to listen to something new. It features short clips made by independent producers and from up-and-coming podcasts. I remember trying to recommend a podcast to my brother and struggling with how to explain why he should listen. Later while I was listening, there was just this golden chunk of audio and I thought, if you could just hear this you would listen to this podcast. Selects gives creators the chance to do that for their own show. In making this I didn’t just want to go out and ask for clips from shows I knew about, I wanted to hear things I had never heard about, so I asked people from the AIR community to submit clips of their show. That lead to a lot of great submissions and encouragement from the AIR community.”

The Drunk Projectionist, Todd Melby
“The show is a reflection of my cinematic obsession, which involves seeing films in their original format whenever possible. That’s why, when I have a free night in a new city, I’m often huddled in a dark theater. A couple of years ago in Los Angeles, I caught a rare print of The Sand Pebbles a 1966 Steve McQueen movie at Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema. He only screens films on 35mm and 16mm. Yup, no digital. Even the trailers are film. So far, the podcast has been focusing on independent filmmakers like Kelly Reichardt, Charles Burnett and Frederick Wiseman.”

“How Black Lives Matter Got an Anthem,” Nancy Rosenbaum for KFAI’s MinneCulture
“The piece spotlights a local musician named Jayanthi Kyle. She co-wrote the protest song ‘Hand in Hand’ that’s featured in the story. I was curious about how her song had become embraced by racial justice activists in Minnesota and beyond. I learned about Kyle and her song while reporting another MinneCulture feature about an artist and activist who died unexpectedly in a car accident (Kyle sang at his memorial service). AIR Member and fellow independent producer Todd Melby edited this story. (He edits all of the MinneCulture features.) He has been a big supporter of me and my work.”

Stepping Up, Claire Schoen
“Stepping Up tells stories of people who are responding in unique and unexpected ways to the daunting crisis of climate change. My goal is to cover this heavy topic with a light touch. The stories are fun and filled with humor. I hope that these stories will inspire and motivate listeners to step up their game as well. This is not your ordinary interview-based podcast. Rather these are highly crafted stories: scene-based, character-driven, sound rich.”

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