Catch AIR’s New Voices alumni at HearSay and MIRP 2019

March 25, 2019—We’re thrilled about spring and the blooming partnerships headed our way in April. Up first, AIR will be at the annual Meeting of Independent Radio Producers (MIRP) in Dublin, Ireland, April 2–3. While there, AIR Program Director Tran Vu and New Voices alum Ariana Martinez ’18 will participate in a panel about partnering with local voices to produce community-driven stories—more details to come!

At the HearSay International Audio Arts Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland, April 4–7, we’re beyond excited to convene a selected group of New Voices alumni for a roundtable discussion. Ariana Martinez will engage with a panel of cross-generational New Voices. They’ll take a look at questions including: How does one navigate the changing industry while focusing on the power of underrepresented narratives? What are some ways to adjust one’s creative practice to protect mental wellbeing?

Most importantly, we’ll learn about how they’ve leveraged their skill sets to work toward a sustainable career in storytelling. You’ll hear from Adonde Media CEO and founder Martina Castro ‘10, WBEZ producer Anthony Martinez ’12, independent producer and documentarian Kavita Pillay ’13, and independent producer and educator Kyle Norris ’16. Meet them all below.

Immediately following the session, AIR will host a gathering for AIRsters and others in the HearSay community. The networking opportunity will provide producers with the chance to mingle, forge new collaborations, or catch up with existing connections.

We hope to see you at MIRP and HearSay! Don’t be a stranger; find us for discounts, AIR swag, and good conversation.

New Voices alumni in order of class year:

Martina Castro ’10 is CEO and Founder of Adonde Media, a new podcast production company and the Spanish-language podcast community, Podcaster@s. Over her career she has worked at NPR and KALW, including cofounding and producing NPR’s Radio Ambulante.


Anthony Martinez ’12 is a producer for NPR member station WBEZ in Chicago, Illinois. Working with the Programming and Audience Development team, Anthony shares responsibility for the overall schedule and sound of 91.5 FM, and works to connect larger and more engaged audiences to the station. As an independent producer, his work has appeared on NPR’s Latino USA, State of Re:Union, and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kavita Pillay ’13 is a Boston based reporter, documentary filmmaker, and commercial producer. From tales of Finnish tango stars to challenges facing comedians in Singapore to spending time within the smallest Jewish community in the world, Kavita is happiest when unearthing unusual stories to share with listeners and viewers. Her forthcoming documentary on Indian men named Stalin and Lenin is currently in post-production. When not reporting and producing, she enjoys obsessing over topics like left handedness and taking up elaborate embroidery projects that are terrible for one’s eyesight.

Kyle Norris ’16 is a journalist, producer, editor and educator living in Seattle, Washington. He’s originally from Michigan and spent ten years as a host and reporter with Michigan Radio, the state’s largest NPR-affiliate. His stories are intimate and character-driven. He explores identity, health, religion and the arts. Norris is known for his sound-rich style of storytelling and conversational, expressive tone. Norris teaches workshops about audio production, storytelling, podcasting, and working with the media. He mentors youth journalists with KUOW’s RadioActive program. In 2018, he co-created an independent podcast with reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch called Finding Fixes that looks at solutions to the opioid epidemic in Snohomish County, Washington.

Ariana Martinez ’18 is an artist and audio storyteller currently working in Providence, Rhode Island. Through narrative audio, sculpture, and print media, Ariana works to understand the relationships between people and the places they inhabit. Ariana is a proud alumna of Now Here This, Brown University’s student audio storytelling collective, and is an incoming 2019 Third Coast Radio Resident.