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About AIR

AIR was founded in 1988 by 10 independent radio producers at a kitchen table on Murray Street in New York City. Our network has expanded to more than 1,300 independent audio producers, multimedia journalists, and public media programs, stations and networks across 30 countries, headquartered in Boston.
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AIR has always been about talent.

Since its inception, AIR’s leaders and network of producers have recruited, cultivated, and deployed independent storymakers to enrich, expand, and strengthen the public media system.

Beginning with MakersQuest 2.0 (MQ2) in 2008, and supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, the NEA and NYSCA, and others, we have established a new infrastructure to spur evolution across the public media system. MQ2, Localore, and other initiatives created “intrapreneurial” start-ups inside stations, led by gifted independent journalists. The outcomes of AIR’s productions have been tracked, analyzed, and reported for the benefit of the system. (See What’s Outside (2014), Spreading the Zing (2010), and Schardt Media’s Mapping Public Radio’s Independent Landscape (2004).


Our network has also become an incubator for the development of a diverse public media workforce. AIR’s New Voices Scholars program identifies and supports minority media makers at the beginning of their public media careers. Our peer-to-peer mentorships, and the specialized fellowships that emerged from that program, provide point-in-time development for producers at all stages of their careers.


All of our programming is designed to cultivate a robust pool of independent talent, and provide a pipeline for programs and stations that are ready to create media that reflects all of America.

We are committed to collaboration, to diversity, and to excellence in audio and media craft.

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AIR’s vision

AIR producers carry the mission of public service media to every corner of America.With a particular expertise in audio, we hear what is not apparent, seek what may be hidden, and craft stories that reflect a full spectrum of human experience. We are dedicated to independence and to the highest ideals of craft. We are committed to collaborators sharing our vision. We will use all the resources available to us to create work that brings hope and enlightenment, with the power to embolden and unify.

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Staff Bios

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Tom Livingston

Interim CEO
Office: 617-825-4400 x403
Direct: 617-639-0259

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Luis Antonio Perez

Executive Liaison to the Board
Office: 617-825-4400 x402
Direct: 617-639-0246

Biography Headshot

Ngoc-Tran Vu

Program Director
Office: 617-825-4400 x405
Direct: 617-639-0261

Ngoc-Tran Vu is a Vietnamese American multimedia and transnational artist whose work and socially engaged practice draws from her experience as a community organizer and healer. She was born in Vietnam, grew up in Dorchester and Boston, and has lived in various cities and countries. Prior to joining AIR, Tran spent a year in Southeast Asia working on different arts projects and investigative narratives. Tran received her Master’s degree in Arts and Politics from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and her Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies and Visual Arts from Brown University. She loves creative storytelling that is accessible, inclusive, and communities-centered, with a focus on social justice and cultural practices. Tran works across borders and boundaries.

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Biography Headshot

An Uong

Editor and Community Liaison
Office: 617-825-4400 x406
Direct: 617-639-0262

An Uong is drawn towards exploring human connections through storytelling. She received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College, with concentrations in creative nonfiction writing, anthropology, and psychology. An comes to AIR from WNYC’s community engagement and Diversity & Inclusion departments. She has also worked in arts administration with Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, where she spearheaded a project that profiled fifteen of the park’s exhibiting artists. Some of her other work includes interviewing residents of New York City’s three major Chinatowns, and speaking with Brownsville, Brooklyn community members on the changing socioeconomic landscape of their borough. She is invested in journalism that immerses itself in the community, and is currently pursuing an MFA in creative nonfiction writing at Emerson College. An lives in Arlington, and can be found camping, hiking or rock climbing when she’s not running after a bus or subway. She loves tea.

Send all your membership and website troubleshooting questions her way!

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Biography Headshot

Ryan McGrath

Curating Producer, Localore
Office: 617-825-4400 x404
Direct: 617-639-0260

Ryan McGrath tracks engagement for AIR and Finding America through social media. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2014. In 2015 he gathered news and organized social media and web content for New England Cable News. He can now be found in AIR’s office on the weekdays tracking interest in AIR and public media. While he’s not working, he’s practicing comedy or listening to podcasts.

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Biography Headshot

Ava Fields

Operations Associate
Office: 617-825-4400 x407
Direct: 617-639-0264

Ava Fields was born and raised in Boston. She joined the AIR team as an Operations assistant in March of 2017. Before AIR, she worked for a class action Law Firm, The Department of Transitional Assistance and multiple factions of the Commonwealth of MASS – all of which had a focus on human service. With a love for stories, the arts and literature, she earned a BA in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with concentrations in Women’s Studies and Cinema Studies. Recently, in 2016, she earned her Master’s degree in Criminal Behavior as well. She currently resides in Boston with her family, boyfriend and twin cats.

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Biography Headshot

Afi Yellow-Duke

2017-2018 New Voices Captain

Afi Yellow-Duke (NV ’16) is a Production Assistant at StoryCorps based in Brooklyn, New York. She has contributed to projects for The New York Times, Panoply Media, Audible, and BRIC Radio. She holds a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and Dance from Middlebury College.

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Biography Headshot

Emanuele Berry

Summer 2018 Full Spectrum Lead Instructor

Emanuele Berry has told tales from the mitten state, wandered around St. Louis with a microphone, and taught English in the Vegas of Asia. She is currently a producer and reporter for the Gimlet Media’s podcast The Nod. Before joining the The Nod, she worked on Gimlet’s Undone and StartUp. In the past, she told stories as a public radio reporter, covering everything from the World Dwarf Games to protest in Ferguson, Missouri. Emanuele is a 2014 AIR New Voices Scholar. She is also the recipient of a 2015 Fulbright award to Macau, China.

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