Your Dose of Inspiration

Your Dose of Inspiration

Each week, AIR's curator finds three items at the intersection of of tech, journalism, and media craftsmanship to share in AIR's Public Media Scan.

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Localore: Finding America

AIR has pulled talent from StoryCorps and NPR to lead the next round of Localore: Finding America, a new network of public media incubation projects launching in spring 2015. With 15 new productions, Localore: Finding America will expand on the innovations of 18 experiments created under AIRís banner since 2010. Meet the team.

Mad Beautiful Mediacraft

We'll teach lessons from Localore and beyond at this "summer camp for public media nerds." Our Full Spectrum Storytelling intensive brings audio and storytelling innovators to Brooklyn in April, in partnership with UnionDocs.

New Entrepreneurs

New Entrepreneurs

Please join us in congratulating 12 independent producers who have been selected for AIR's fellowship for entrepreneurial coaching.

The fellows include mid-career and veteran audio producers who have mastered their craft and demonstrated readiness to create a new venture or expand an existing, independent project.

Our Purpose: AIR identifies, cultivates, and deploys gifted media-makers from across the US and worldwide whose stories enrich public media and its service to citizens each day.


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