Resource Guide | Audio Equipment & Technology


  • B&H Photo/Video/Audio

    • New York City's audio/video/photo supermarket featuring (almost) everything under the sun.

    • closes at sundown on Friday and reopens Sunday, following the sabbath.

    • FYI: show up early in the day to avoid the crowds and receive more personalized attention.

  • Bradley Broadcast

    • for audio broadcasting equipment.

  • BSW/Broadcast Supply Worldwide

    • for pro audio equipment.

  • Core Sound

    • microphones and other equipment for digital enthusiasts.

  • Full Compass

    • mainly for musicians but also featuring general audio and video equipment.

  • Gearslutz

    • a forum for sharing techie information.

  • Giant Squid Audio

    • mics & cables.

  • J&R

    • site mainly for consumer audio equipment and supplies.

  • MacFixIt

    • you definitely need this to stay on top of troubleshooting Macs.

  • Markertek

    • broadcast supplies.

  • Pro Digital

    • DAT, CD and MiniDisc repairs.

  • Pro Sound Services

    • rentals, sales and service

    • my personal choice for audio & video rentals in New York City; call Ross and tell him I sent you.

  • Minidisco

    • site for mini disc recorders and supplies.

  • Sound Professionals

  • Sweetwater

    • mainly for musicians but also featuring general audio equipment and supplies.


    • my recommendation for digital and analog recording supplies.

  • Tekserve

    • one of the two best Mac stores in New York City -- the other, of course,  is Apple Soho -- when it comes to buying and repairing your computer, and receiving free seminar tutorials on just about anything digital for the Mac: Pro Tools,  Final Cut Pro, Avid.

    • the least expensive Pro Tools set-up is now $410 which includes the latest software and the Mbox hardware interface -- compact, portable and simple to use.

    • sells LaCie and Glyph drives; I recommend Glyph as the quieter of these drives.

  • Tensimount … inexpensive mic isolators.



  • Sound Devices … all-digital recorders.

    • a personal favorite: the 702 and 722 models offer file-based recording plus compact flash.

  • Transom

    • the journalists' first stop for technology recommendations.



  • see Transom and their Gear Guide

  • Jay Allison's recommendations … ((1)) and ((2))

  • the National Radio Project recommends…

  • my addendum:

    • to get audio into and out of a Mac or PC laptop, a USB interface is needed. For Pro Tools, the Mbox is just one portable option. Unfortunately, you cannot run Pro Tools -- even for simple field editing -- without an interface. So, instead of lugging the Mbox around as a rather absurdist dongle, try the smaller M-Audio Transit which runs with Pro Tools M-Powered v7 software. Or try one of the other software recommendations above that do not require proprietary connections.

    • you should opt for an extra drive exclusively for audio unless you're doing the most bare bones, basic — and short — production work. You can have one installed directly into a new laptop OR buy an external drive optimized for such use ((such as those made by Glyph or LaCie)).