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Beyond 11%

As public media considers AIR Executive Director Sue Schardt's challenge to expand public media's reach to a broader and more diverse America, AIR turns to some of our bright and passionate up-and-coming producers for advice on how to make it easier for them to find a way into the system. In our latest feature story, New Voices scholar Stephanie Foo gives an insightful summary of her colleagues' fresh thinking and concrete steps for those ready to walk their talk.

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Let's Change Up Public Media
By Stephanie Foo

Stephanie Foo, one of AIR's 21 New Voices scholars, was asked by AIRblast to pose a question to some of her colleagues: "What do new pathways into public media look like?"

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Public radio has a reputation for being old, elitist, and whitewashed. Many of my friends are minorities or come from low-income backgrounds. They think that Fresh Air is a kind of Febreze.

Until recently, most program directors at public radio stations were just fine with that. To even engage in competition with mainstream media and its flashing lights and screaming cacophony seemed to compromise the integrity of public media. The thought was, "We don't need the MTV audience."

Except increasingly, we do. Getting minorities and young people to tune in isn't as difficult as you may think. Forget the w-w-wacky ways of announcing your call sign. Here are five critical steps to diversifying public radio.

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New Member Spotlight: Aaron Scott

Who? AIR's New Voices scholar, writer, and radio producer whose stories have appeared on This American Life, Radiolab, NPR, and in a number of magazines.

Joined AIR: March 2011

Creds: Graduated from Columbia University's School of Journalism in 2008. Interned at NPR's Science Desk and This American Life before landing his current producing gig on The Speakeasy out of Oregon Public Broadcasting.

More creds: His piece "The New Stu" about how the small, conservative town of Silverton, Oregon, elected the country's first transgender mayor aired on Radiolab in 2009 and won the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Association's Excellence in Radio Award. Listen to it here.

Insight on new producers making it in public radio? "Perhaps the biggest barrier into the profession is the fact that it's so hard to gain the experience necessary to acquire a paying job without either first paying for a graduate degree or spending considerable time in mostly unpaid internships. To individuals without the financial resources to fund such programs, one of the only ways to gain experience is fellowships and grants. I've long known there were fellowships out there, but they seemed hidden and distant something one has to stumble across or spend considerable hours on the Internet searching. I think the AIRwiki is a brilliant tool to confront this problem."

Read the rest of Aaron's report and other essays from our New Voices scholars here.

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